The purpose of the New Americans Caucus is to welcome naturalized citizens into the Democratic Party, register them to vote, educate them on the importance of voting, and search for candidates at all levels of government. There are almost 400,000 naturalized citizens in the state of Pennsylvania.

We could make this state permanently blue by turning New Americans into super Democratic voters. For example, a Washington Examiner Article by Byron York, April 15 th, 2014 and a study from Maryland University Professor James Gimpel tells us:

“A 2012 study of 2,900 foreign-born, naturalized immigrants cited in the report showed that about 62 percent identified themselves as Democrats, while 25 percent identified as Republicans, and 13 percent identified as independents. At this moment, according to the report, there are an estimated 8.7 million immigrants in the U.S. who are eligible for naturalization. Not all will become voting citizens, but somewhere between 50 percent and 60 percent will. And it’s a sure bet that a majority will identify themselves as Democrats.”

That study was conducted in 2012; five years ago, 62 percent of immigrants identified themselves as Democrats. This year Republicans and Donald Trump have alienated immigrants. That percentage of immigrants is surely greater, and we’d like to engage those searching for a voice.

As a caucus, we want to connect with immigrant organizations throughout the Commonwealth.