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Chapters are asked to organize membership and invite students who are eligible to join Phi Alpha. Chapters should submit a brief account following the event or meeting. Welcome to Walden University’s School of Social Work Phi Alpha National Social Work Honor Society, Tau Sigma Chapter. We welcome you to look around, peruse through the history, read about the current team of students, and Faculty who are shaping the landscape of social change. Our vision is to aid the scholarly fellowship of social ideals and values through the altruistic promotion of compassion, charity, and diversity. Students must assume primary responsibility for knowing the requirements for their degree and for acquiring information about their academic status.

We are committed to bringing together our peers, our professors, and individuals from our community to promote health, wellness, family, friends, diversity, and equality to all persons. The College of Public Health has an extensive system of academic advising provided by professional and faculty advisors. In the School of Social Work, when students reach senior standing, Dr. Cheri Carter will become their professional faculty advisor. To re-enter the School of Social Work, students must complete a Re-Enrollment Request. Applications of students seeking re-enrollment after an absence of one or more semesters, not including summers, will be reviewed by the Director of the B.S.W. Program.

For this reason, most social work courses designate successful completion of earlier courses as prerequisite to taking later courses. This program of study for B.S.W. students has been carefully designed and approved by faculty. It is intended to provide students with a coherent, integrated, and high-quality learning experience. The Worden Student Social Work Organization is the organization of social work undergraduate and graduate students and is officially recognized by the University.

Students who have attained excellence of scholarship and distinction of achievement will be invited into membership of this chapter. The intention of this chapter is to create a personal connection among students and faculty who are dedicated to the promotion of humanitarian goals. Academic advisors are particularly important for social work majors. The Bachelor of Social Work curriculum is organized so that courses scheduled to be taken later in the program build on the knowledge and skill foundation provided in the liberal arts and social work courses taken earlier.

Social Work Club students serve the social work program, campus, and community through public service projects. Each year, Social Work Club participates in a variety of activities and service projects in the community. The Social Work Honor Society, Phi Alpha, is a national organization dedicated to academic excellence and leadership in social work. Students are made aware of this organization through the Social Work Student Handbook , the WCU Catalog, and the Ram’s Eye View, handout material, the Social Work bulletin board, class announcements and dialogue at student/faculty meetings.

This is an organization led by master-level students and supported by an assigned faculty advisor. Over 450 chapters are now in existence, and the addition of new chapters is continuing. Additionally, post-secondary schools must offer degrees at baccalaureate or higher levels in social work and maintain program accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education. Affiliation with CSWE demonstrates that curricular studies contain relevant, evidence-based instruction designed to encourage superior scholarship and professionalism in the field.

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